Vintage Vs. Modern Social Media

a photo showing vintage and social social media

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A few days ago, I had to write a letter to my former roommate who is now in the Boot Camp. It never occurred to me that writing a casual letter could so much work, especially given the long disconnect from offline (using a pen and writing pad) to online (social media) communication. We shouldn’t be too quick to equate this online reliance to a downside of social media, but maintaining different social networking platforms can truly weakens interpersonal communication.

Talking about social networking sites, I just found WeChat, a platform I had no prior knowledge about. Similar to Whatsapp on mobile, WeChat provides users with a host of interesting options, ranging from group chat to video calls, and much more. With the ever-growing popularity of these social networking sites, there has been a paradigm shift from what can now be referred to as “vintage media,” to the new media. A look at some of these platforms may help paint a better picture in your mind.

YOUTUBE – A “window to view the world.” The platform is a video sharing website that allows users upload and share videos with others. Long before YouTube, most people learnt about other places and cultures from books, movies, and personal experiences through travels.

FOURSQUARE – A location-based social networking platform. Foursquare, provides users with the opportunity to share location with friends via mobile devices, by way of geo-tags. People using this media can check into places like bars and restaurants, and share their visits.

LINKEDIN – A shift from the traditional business card holders to an online professional profile. LinkedIn is a social networking site mainly used for professional networking. Users can create profiles that showcase their professional skills, and work experiences. Continue reading