About Timi

tantoHello world! My name is Timilehin Oladele, but friends and acquaintances prefer to stick to the first four letters of my first name, simply calling me Timi (and yes I have been asked where I got such a name). I am originally from Nigeria – that’s in West Africa by-the-way – but currently a student at Kent State University, pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Relations.

My passion for PR didn’t just manifest in my dreams, I actually nurtured it right from High School when I was the public relations officer (P.R.O) for the social science club.

The purpose of this blog is to enlighten enthusiast about social media, public relations, and lifestyle. It generally embraces urban culture and its dynamics.

When I’m not engrossed in work and school work, I enjoy the outdoors. I like adventure, working out, hanging out with friends, music, good laughs, and great food. As a critical thinker, I am attracted to intelligent and bright minded individuals; this is probably rooted in my readiness to learn new things and my desire to someday launch a career in public relations.

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