Change has always been said to be the only constant thing in life. When change comes around, you either accept it or get thrown under the bus. Less than a century ago, who could have imagined Facebook as the largest social networking site, now hosting over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide?

Before the inception of Facebook in 2004, social media, a relatively new phenomenon was unequivocally equated with MySpace. Many early social media elites had a MySpace profile, and it was common to think of MySpace (just like people do of Facebook now) when referring to social media sites or social networking.

Despite the growing popularity of Facebook, I have sometimes wondered if it may someday in the future, just like MySpace, lose its glory and get overtaken by another social networking site. I wonder!

With adoptions made possible by the internet, everything in society has become even more intertwined. Politics and business, computing and robotics, science and nature, all overlap. There is a plethora of mobile apps readily available to check vote ratings, business stocks, news and so much more. With advancements in technology, people can only but imagine what tomorrow’s world holds in 10 years, 20, or even 50 years from now. Thought provoking right? Continue reading